Author Topic: Spurious clicks on touch screen with broken glass  (Read 214 times)

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Spurious clicks on touch screen with broken glass
« on: March 21, 2017, 12:03:15 PM »
Hi everybody.

The glass of my Jolla broke roughly one and a half years ago but display and touch screen were still working fine. So I was living with this mostly because no spare parts are available.  :'(

Since roughly a month now I have spurious clicks on the touch screen and sometimes the touch screen isn't working at all. I believe that when its not working at all that there is a constant click and the others aren't recognised but can't verify that. I believe that my touchscreen is just finally broken as well but I haven't given up hope just yet  ;).

Does anybody know if there is a way to recalibrate the touchscreen? I thought that might be helping. If somebody has a different Idea I would be glad for this either.

Have a nice day, Matz