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If you want to clean and speed up your computer, you may get petty confused about how to select a suitable cleaner tool for it as there are different tools in the market, and the CCleaner is one of them for your choice.

CCleaner is a pretty popular PC cleaner tool which can help to optimize and manage your Computers anywhere. But if you don't want to use CCleaner program for some reasons, you would be recommended to use CleanMyPC. More details please continue to scroll down the page.

Part 1: Is CCleaner Good to Use?

People tend to choose it for its terrific features such as one-stop shop to clean up junk files, options to customize behavior and more. However, it does have some cons that you should never miss:

1. Some useful bundled apps are not integrated into CCleaner program, which can be inconvenient for users in some way.

2. The official website of CCleaner program and its download page are pretty confusing and make the program seem to cost money, which it doesn’t mean to.

3. The program would automatically flag to delete the log files it detects. Please note that the log files can be useful if your computer is misbehaving or crashed because they contain error messages which can assist you or a technician to solve the problem.

4. It doesn't cover many formats and for some reason can't search portable media or other files.

5. It takes a pretty long time to scan the junk files. For example, it scans for about 6 hours a 80Gb Partition.

Now, if you want to try the other cleaner tool for your computer and get rid of the CCleaner, please continue to read below.

Part 2: Alternative to CCleaner and Optimize PC with CleanMyPC

If you don't want to keep the searching history or a record of the webpages you’ve just visited via the Google Chrome, you are able to delete all of them and thus protect your online privacy, especially when the computer is for public.

This article would talk about how to remove browsing history and traces of your online activities. You can check on the below two ways: manually and use the PC cleaner tool to clear the caches, passwords, searching records and history, videos downloading and watching records, etc.

Method 1: Clear Google Search History and Records with CleanMyPC
Method 2: Clear Google Search History and Records without Any Tool

If your hard drive is almost full, you would find out that some large files would fail to be successfully downloaded and stored on the disk. Worst still, your computer may slow down and some applications would crash from time to time. Now, it's time to erase the junk files and free up your hard disk.

Here are two methods for your choice. Please check them out below and select the one that fit your case well.

Part 1: Free Up Hard Drive on Laptop Effectively

The first way I want to introduce is using the CleanMyPC program to effectively erase the useless files or junks on your computer. The CleanMyPC program is pretty powerful that can help to delete your files securely. Please check on the guide below.

Step 1 Install CleanMyPC on Windows
Step 2 Scan Out Junk Files
Step 3 Free Up Hard Drive

Part 2: Free Up Hard Drive on Laptop Manually

For some unwanted and personal files, you may delete them promptly on your computer and thus those sensitive information would not be viewed by others. However, simply moving the data to trash is actually not the right way for the job.

Question: Why the Deleted Files Can Be Recovered?

Though you have dragged the unwanted files to Recycle Bin and then empty it, those files are not really wiped out from your computer. In other words, they can be recovered with the recovery tool. You may get pretty confused about it. Actually, when you delete a file on your Windows, only the "index", which keeps track of the file location and tells Windows where the file's data begins and ends, is removed. But for the file system's point of view, the file is no longer existed on your hard drive. Please note that only when the sectors containing the contents of the file are overwritten by the new adding data can those unwanted files actually removed and cannot be recovered.

Now, you may wonder how to get those unwanted or useless files permanently erased on your computer to protect your privacy. Obviously, you should do more than just move them to the trash bin and empty it as they can be restored. Please continue to read and you will find out the solution below.

Guide: How to Permanently Delete Files from Computer and Prevent Data Recovery?

Jolla Phone / How to Delete Snapchat Messages Completely on iPhone
« on: September 03, 2017, 06:03:46 PM »
While you can delete Snapchat messages easily, you have to understand that it is not sufficient to completely erase the messages. The deleted messages can be retrieved, so you have to erase all traces of Snapchat messages from your iPhone. This can be done in many ways.

Here are some of the important methods used:

Completely erase Snapchat logs and Cache on your iPhone

iMyFone Umate Pro (and also the Mac version of iMyFone Umate Pro) is a great tool for deleting data from your iPhone. The tool helps in deleting all your junk files, and the entire process is a free one. You can do a permanent erasure of all logs and caches in your iPhone's Snapchat app.

This method ensures your privacy is not compromised and further, it also assists in freeing up much-needed space for your device enabling to boost the performance of your device.

Clear all Snapchat files that are corrupted

While Snapchat is an efficient interactive platform, it has its own drawbacks like the build up of temporary files that eat up vital space in your device leading to the device becoming too slow for your liking. iMyFone Umate Pro is handy in such a situation, as it helps to clear off all the temporary files freeing up sufficient storage space in the device.

It is very important for me to find a way to permanently delete my chat history and other data on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp on my iPhone. Because there are some conversations in my iPhone that I would rather no one else can read them in the world.

People always have something that they wish no one else knows. But to permanently delete data is not an easy task; there are many data recovery software in the market that can recover deleted data. If you want to make these data gone forever, you should try the iMyfone Umate Pro. This software will guarantee its users that once the data been deleted by it, there will be no way to recover them. So, let learn how to use this software by reading the following steps.

Step 1. Start WhatApp on your iPhone, and then you should find and delete the chat history in the first place

Step 2. Download and install this iMyfone Umate Pro software on PC. Use the USB cable to connect iPhone to your PC. The software will show your device on its primary window and you should choose “ERASE DELETED FILES” as well as a proper security level for you.

Step 3. The software will scan your iPhone and then you can find the deleted WhatsApp, FaceBook, Twitter data. Check them and click “Confirm” so you can delete them permanently from your iPhone.

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