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Author Topic: List of features that we all want in next version of Sailfish OS [Must Read]  (Read 3003 times)

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Intex Aqua Fish user here. I've been using Sailfish OS 2.0 on my Intex Aqua Fish for 2 weeks now. I find it to be the best operating system ever with awesome design and clean OS, and with no bloatwares like all the Google services that you can find on Android devices and you can use most of the Android apps. The UI is one of the best part of Sailfish OS 2.0. It's fairly simple and in terms of functionality, it is ahead of all the other operating systems as the UI relies on gestures and lacks any navigational buttons so you can perform all the action with a thumb and is better optimized for one handed usage. It didn't take me more than 10 minutes to be familiar with the UI as I am a geek. Honestly, having used the Sailfish OS for 2 weeks, I seriously feel boring to use Android anymore.  It's a fresh new concept and most people are used to Android, Symbian, Windows & iOS so they might take some time to get used to the UI of Sailfish OS but it's totally worth it. It gives me a feel of using a superior OS to Android, iOS & Windows etc. Sailfish OS is a continuation of the MeeGo project and I support the development. I wish to have these features in the next Sailfish OS version to make it competitive and hopefully pickup some pace. So here's the list.

For Phone App-
* Detailed Call Logs with blue arrow icon for dialled calls, green for received calls, red for missed calls and rejected calls next to call logs instead of the Grey Arrow icon.
* Tapping & Holding on a call log should show from which SIM (On Dual SIM Phones) the call was made or received, call duration and how many times the call was made or received along with options such as add to contacts, send a message, delete etc.
* Option to select call logs to be deleted in the pulley menu.
* Clear All Call Logs option in pulley menu.
* Blacklist option inbuilt to filter calls.
* Settings Option should be included in the pulley menu to easily access Call Settings.
* Preserve the call recording option in Settings.

For People App-
* All contacts should show up in a list view with the alphabets to search contacts shown on the top.
* Settings Option should be included in the pulley menu to to easily access settings.
* Option to save contacts on phone or SIM inside the settings app and prompt to save contacts on phone or SIM when adding a contract.
* Option to show All, Phone or SIM Contacts in the settings for the People App.

For Messages App-
* Folder View in the message app like Inbox, Draft, Sent & Outbox etc.
* Options to forward, lock and delete messages on tapping and holding a message.
* Options to select multiple messages in the pulley menu for deletion.
* Option to copy texts in messages.
* Settings option in the pulley menu for message app.

For Gallery App-
* Album View in Gallery App for pictures & videos (Like Camera Pics would be shown on a Camera Album, Other Pictures & Videos in the storage would be shown in different albums with name same as their folders).
* Option to sort pictures and videos in albums by name, time, date and size.
* Support for Double Tap to zoom in pictures, after all this is better than pinching to zoom in for better one handed operation.
* Don't show .m4a format files in the Gallery App as these are music files.
* Option to hide pictures and videos from showing up in the Gallery App.
* Don't show pics & videos in the Gallery App from Android Storage Folder.
* Animated Gallery App with option to turn on/off the animation in the Pulley Menu. Like selecting an album of pictures to be played in the App Cover and videos would also play in the App Cover.

For the Media App-
* Show all the album arts of music files under the "Albums Tag" and on the lockscreen and provide an equalizer if possible.

For File Manager-
* First of all, rename the storage app to File Manager and make it a separate app and in Settings > Storage, only show the memory status.
* Tapping & Holding files or folders should reveal options such as cut, copy, send via Bluetooth or Email, Rename, compress, Uncompress, Delete & Details.
* Option to search and select files and folders in the pulley menu with option to select one by one by marking or select all and then the pulley menu should show options such as Cut, Copy, Delete, Send, Compress, Uncompress, Details etc.
* Show Thumbnails for pictures, videos, apk files and text files in the file manager app.

For Browser App-
* Start-Up page should be blank showing a few shortcuts for favourite sites.
* Browser should be smooth at handling sites.
* Enable the Pulley Menu in the Browser with options such as Search, Enter An URL, Bookmarks, Turn Off Images & Settings.
* Preserve the bottom menu.
* In the settings menu, I'd like to have options to select image quality, disable full screen browsing, night mode, incognito mode, desktop browsing mode, clear browsing data, download manager built in the broswer and other advanced settings.
* In short, the browser should have advanced capabilities built-in.

For Navigation-
* As Here Maps are only way as of now to use Maps service on Sailfish OS, it would be nice and best to have Here Maps as a native Sailfish App for better integration within the Sailfish OS.

For Text Input-
* Better clipboard support that would work universally across the UI with option to select all text, cut, copy and paste option.
* Also the text should be scrollable up & down especially if the text is long for text selection or editing for cut, copy, paste etc.
* A cursor or arrow is needed to navigate through texts as it is better than just having no cursor for navigating through texts especially when texting or editing text.
* Improved predictions for the keyboard.
* Gesture based input support in the keyboard app for faster and better one handed texting.

For The User Interface-
* Voice Recorder app should come built-in as it is an essential part of phones from the beginning.
* Update the Calculator app with some advanced functionalities like percentage calculator etc.
* Reduce app loading time and make the UI, particularly the Settings App more smooth.
* The first tile on the top menu has only one option and i.e. Lock. Add Silent Mode, Power Off & Restart next to the Lock option in the first tile of the Top Menu. The options should be aligned from left to right or vice versa (Lock, Silent, Power Off & Restart).
* Add an option to wake up the phone using volume buttons.
* There should be an easier way to capture screenshot by default.
* Option to skip the tutorial on first boot for learned users like me.
* Option to restrict background data to select apps in order to save data and battery life.
* Battery Profiles & Battery Saver needed.
* For Ambiences, there should be an option to set vibration in a particular ambience to create a distinct profile.
* A completely Dark Ambience in-built for reducing eye strain in the night. It'd be good for AMOLED displays as well.
* Remove the pixelation effect across the UI as in full brightness the pixelation effect can be seen.
* Add Multi-Window Support to run two applications (native Sailfish OS apps) side by side in future version.
* Improved stability for the OS & make it battery efficient.
* I'd like to see support for fingerprint sensor in future versions.

For Android Support-
* Update the Android Runtime from Android KitKat 4.4.4 to Android Lollipop 5.1 or Android Marshmallow 6.0.
* Provide a permission manager for Android apps.
* Android Apps for Wi-Fi File transferring such as Shareit & Xender aren't able to create hotspot so they don't work as they should. Maybe it can be fixed.

For The Sailfish Forum-
* Optimize the forum for mobile viewing.

For Intex Aqua Fish-
There are some bugs which needs to be rectified-
* Signal strength is weak as I can use the same SIM cards in other phones and have full signal. First I thought this was a defect so requested a replacement but the replaced unit too has the same problem.
* The phone after powering on doesn't catch signal quickly.
* USSD codes don't work most of the time and switching the phone to flight mode and then switching flight mode off helps resolve the issue temporarily.
* Sometimes the speaker make click sound.
* When using Android apps which requires Internet connection the speaker makes some weird noise which you can hear by placing the speaker close to the ear. Like I'm using UC Browser, Dolphin Browser and other Android app that works on data connection, clicking a link or searching will generate the noise.
* Battery backup is average.

That's it. Ever since I have the Intex Aqua Fish (rebranded Jolla C) running Sailfish OS 2.0, in my hands, I don't feel like using my Android anymore but I am feeling a bit less in terms of features as it is a new OS so used the phone for about 2 weeks then compiled this list. Hope these features will be implemented in Sailfish OS 3.0 or future versions. Sailfish OS users who want these features please cast your votes and comment below regarding whether you would like to have these features in the next version of Sailfish OS. Thanks to Jolla for the nice OS. Have an nice day, Sailors!  :)
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Gud list Bro, Some future Essential Features you forgot to Enlist Video Call and Volte should be updated
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when next os update will be available?...

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Camera app: HDR Support
Camera app: Better MPix in 16:9 mode
Email app: support for Exchange
App store: Add Google play store natively